God's hand of goodness and faithfulness has been clearly evident in the life of this ministry located in the mountains of western Maryland. We are grateful to the diligent recording by the men and women of our beginning years as the Lord moved and established our place of worship we call Eckhart Baptist Church.

Sometime prior to 1850, a family bearing the surname of Jennings migrated from England and settled at Eckhart Mines, MD. Mr. Jennings was a Roman Catholic, but his wife, Catherine had been converted after leaving England and had united with a baptist church during a short period in New York. Mrs. Jennings promptly affiliated and joined the First Baptist Church of Cumberland, MD shortly after arriving in Eckhart.

In late August of 1850, Reverend Benjamin Griffith, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Cumberland, visited Mrs. Catherine Jennings in Eckhart. By her, he was induced to make an appointment to preach in the basement of the Episcopal Church on next Thursday, September 5th. The room was crowded and he preached from Psalm 84:11 - "For the Lord God is a sun and shield the Lord will give grace and glory, no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly."

On Thursday night, September 19th, he preached again in the Methodist Church, in which place he continued preaching every night for two weeks, during which he baptized six persons. On the night of October 10th, Pastor Griffith preached again. The congregation was small, owning to a celebration in Cumberland.

On October 24th, Brother Griffith preached again. There now being a number of baptized believers at the Mines and others who wished to be baptized, it was thought best to constitute a church. Accordingly, on the nihgt of the 25th day of October 1850, the following individuals, being Baptist in sentiment and profession, met together in the house of the Methodist Episcopal Church to form a Church of Jesus Christ: Hiram Tibbets, Martha Tibbets, Hamilton Tibbets, Ann Tibbets, William Stevenson, Margaret Stevenson, Jane McFarlain (McFarland), Margaret Chaney, Ester Tewell, Catherine Jennings.

On Ocbeber 10, 1851, the church was incorporated as the First Baptist Church of Eckhart Mines of Eckhart, MD. At the end of the first year, the church members numbered 31.